Jaká bude naše budoucnost?

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zaciPomalu se blíží konec školního roku, tj. doba, kdy žáci devátých ročníků opustí základní školu a vykročí na cestu do dospělosti. Jaká přání mají naši nejstarší žáci? Jak si představují svoji budoucnost? O čem sní a po čem nejvíc touží?

Seznamte se sny a plány osmi vybraných chlapců a dívek ve formě krátké eseje v anglickém jazyce. Neovládáte-li dostatečně anglický jazyk, poproste o přeložení jazykově zdatnější spolužáky, kamarády, případně rodiče či jiné příbuzné a známé. Texty rozhodně stojí za přečtení.





Autorka: Mgr. Radka Marečková

My Future Career

When I was a little girl and someone asked me, what I want to be, I said that I would be a veterinarian. I am leaving school soon and I have to decide, what I want to do after finishing the school. I will choose a temporary job with a sufficiently high salary, to be able to support my family. When I get older, I will live in own equestrian center and I will buy some horse too. My job involves taking care of horses and stables, training young horses, reproduction of mares, organizing jumping competitions and a lot of other things that are part of this work. I want to take care of the horses, especially because I know, how to treat them and I enjoy work with them. Someday I'll be a horse breeder.

Nicole Marie Green, 9. B

My future

I´ve visited our school for nine years. I wil have to decide, what I want to do in my life. So we must decide, what school we will choose. I would like to study at secondary grammar school and I want to be a laboratory assistant later. I want to find a good job and a partner, who will love me and I want to marry him. I would like to live with my family in a house in a village or a small city. And most of all I want to be happy.

Eliška Pažourková, 9. B

My future

Dear collegues I want to introduce you the plan of my future. I want to go hiking in the mountains. I want to ride a bike. I want to study veterinary medicine or architecture and design (but I prefer the veterinary). I want to help animals. I will have a dogs kennel.

When I am twenty, I want to get married and late I want to have children. I want to live on the farm (on the village) with my husband and animals. I will be animals breeder. I want to have dogs, horses, cats, etc. I want to paint pictures. In my pictures there will be animals and nature. I like nature. I believe in God. Be that as it may. My motto is:„ Don´t worry, be happy.".

Anna Skoumalová 9. B

My future

Hello, my name is Daniel Havlíček. I am fifteen. I live in Třebíč and I have one brother and one sister. They are twins. When I grow up, I want to be a historian, because I like history. History is very amazing. I think that I will live in small town, because I don't like big cities. They are very busy. I hope that I will have beautiful house with garden. I will get married at twenty-six years. I hope that my wife will be intelligent, nice and clever. I want to have two or three chidren. I like children. I think that the world will be very happy place for life. When I leave school, I will go to university. I will work in a historical museum.

Daniel Havlíček, 8. B

My future

My name is Gabriela Krejčová. I am 14 years old. I will be a translator, because I love foreign languages. I will learn Chinese language and Spanish language. I will live in the Czech Republic, because there is very nice nature and there are very nice historics sightseeing and monuments too. I will get married at twenty-five years. I will have two children. First child will be a boy and second will be a girl. His name will be Tomáš and her name will be Kateřina. I think that people will not work in factories, because robots will work instead of people. I think that children will be very lazy and fat, because they will go to school by car or bus. They will eat lots of candies and french fries and hamburgers. So, it will be my future.

Gabriela Krejčová, 8. B

My future

Hello my name is Julie Malá and I'm 14 years old. In my future I want to be an archaelogist or a detective, archaelogist because I love excavations and history like mummies and dinosaurs, detective because I love to solve the murders like FBI, NCIS. I want to live in a big city like Prague or Brno, because there is o lot of entertainment. I don't want to get married and I don't want to have kids. Maybe I want to have a boyfriend but I don't think that I'll have one in my future. I think that the world in future will by like today but the life will be a lot easier. But nature won't exist anymore. There will be factories and tower blocks everywhere, because there will be a lot more people than today. I hope we will find a cure for cancer. I don't think that aliens will visit us from another galaxies, but I think we will find life on another planet.

Julie Malá, 8. B

My future

My name is Markéta Hůlková and I am thirteen. When I grow up I want to be a psychologist, because I want to help people. When I leave school I think I will go to high school and then to university and then I want to travel to lots of interesting countries. I want to live in the village, because I can have a horse in the village. I want to get married when I am twenty-six. And I want to have two children. I hope my partner will be kind and good friend. Most of all in my life I don't want to be poor. I think that the Word will be the best place for the life. And people will be more happy in the future, because people will don't eat junk food. I don't think that we will live in the space and go to other planets.

Markéta Hůlková, 8. B

My Future

Hello. My name is Jakub and I'm a teenager. I'm fourteen and this is my essay about my future. I want to be an actor when I grow up. Favourite and famous (of course). So I will be a student on consrevatoire (I hope). I want to live in Prague or Brno because there are lot of theathres (so lot of places to work). And ... How to write it? I'm not a family man, so I won't have wife and children (sorry mum). The world will be greyer than now. On this planet, there will be more and more people so nature will be devastated. A lot of animals will disappear and... yeah... the world won't be like now... Thank you for your attention.

Jakub Weigl, 8. B